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Is This The Best Home & Mobile Pizza Oven In The World? I WANT ONE!

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I am a HUGE lover of pizza and I recently came across this beautiful looking machine.

This is a must have for all pizza lovers in my opinion. I originally wanted to build a proper stone pizza oven in the garden and will do one day but I saw this and thought ‘yeah we need this in our kitchen’.

cuizen pizza oven 2

It looks wonderful, would sit nicely on any kitchen worktop and carried around like a briefcase.

It could fit nicely in most bags, can be slid nicely into cars and campervans and used anywhere where there is power.

It is like ordering a pizza from Dominos or Pizza Hut but a lot cheaper, imagine going on holiday and you are staying at an apartment and you want to sit on the balcony overlooking the sea while enjoying a few cold beers eating pizza.

cuizen pizza oven

You could call for a pizza to be delivered but you could buy a load of cheap pizzas from the store when you buy the beer then you can keep popping them into the CuiZen piz-4012 pizza box oven throughout the night getting piping hot fresh pizza.

The CuiZen piz-4012 pizza box oven will take up to 12 inch pizzas with ease and CuiZen claim that it will cook each pizza to perfection. You can buy the pizza oven from Amazon.

The CuiZen piz-4012 pizza box cooks using a rotating surface with both top and bottom elements.

It has an adjustable thermostat control taking the heat up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer allowing a cooking time up to 30 minutes.

Using 1200 watts of power it will cook any pizza perfectly.

The box is beautifully designed and comes with a smooth stainless steel handle.

What is incredible is the fact that if you had this on a long train journey and there was a power socket near you, you could pop a frozen pizza (It might have defrosted a little in your bag :-)) in it and cook it while still on the train!

cuizen pizza oven 3

That is insane and exciting at the same time! :-)

Guess what I am eating tonight? That is right… Pizza

For more information about the The CuiZen piz-4012 pizza box oven please visit its listing here on Amazon.